Whether you manage a restaurant, a hotel, an office or an apartment complex, the Santa Clara Valley Water District has a program that can help you save water and money:

Commercial Rebate Program - offers rebates for a variety of water-efficient equipment:

  • Up to $485 for commercial food steamers
  • Up to $1,000 for air-cooled ice machines
  • Up to $300 for high-efficiency urinals

Custom (Measured) Rebates are also available to commercial, industrial and institutional water customers who implement new processes and update equipment to reduce water usage.

  • Get a new toilet—on us. Businesses, apartments and schools that currently have old, inefficient toilets are eligible for free toilets and free installation through our Commercial High-Efficiency Toilet Direct Installation Program. Have old, inefficient urinals?  We can also replace the flush valves for free.

  • Purchase or lease high-efficiency washing machines for common-area laundry rooms and laundromats. High-efficiency washers qualify your business for a rebate of up to $400 per unit through our Commercial Clothes Washer Rebate Program.

  • Install individual submeters for condominium complexes and mobile home parks that currently have one central water meter. We’re offering a rebate up to $150 per submeter installation.

  • Irrigation Surveys. Our FREE Landscape Survey Program will evaluate and suggest ways to better manage your outdoor water use. Our surveys have shown potential savings of up to $1,000 per acre of landscape.

  • Replace high-water using landscapes. Installing qualified low-water using landscapes can reduce irrigation water use up to 20%, and commercial sites can qualify for rebates through the Landscape Rebate Program.

  • Purchase and install efficient irrigation equipment. Businesses can receive rebates for upgrading to qualifying irrigation hardware through the Landscape Rebate Program.

  • Install weather-based irrigation controllers. These controllers use local weather conditions to calculate and adjust a site-specific irrigation schedule. They not only maximize water efficiency, they also qualify for rebates through the Landscape Rebate Program.

For more information on any of these programs visit valleywater.org/myrebate or call the district’s Water Conservation Hotline at 408-630-2554. Programs subject to funding availability. Certain restrictions apply.